Do we have a tribe?

At a recent Reiki share that I attended, one of my colleagues, who I had trained with some years previously but had not seen for many months, remarked how it felt different when we gave each other an attunement.  It was different to when other Reiki Masters, who we had not trained with, gave us an attunement.  It made me wonder about the reasons why.  It was not that the energy was stronger or better in anyway, but it was different.  It was as if we remembered, or reconnected to each other’s energy.  Our individual energy fields seemed to recognise each other even though several months had passed between us meeting.  It made me think about the idea that we are all linked inexplicitly, not only to all Reiki practitioners, but particularly to those that we trained with.  It’s not just the familiar, it’s more than that.  It’s almost as if our energies have mixed and remain forever bonded.  Is that because we have known this energy before?  Have we therefore met in previous lifetimes?  This would seem to tie in with the idea that we all have a tribe.  A group of people to which we belong, who energetically link to us and support us throughout our endeavours in this physical life, and beyond.  A bond which links us together through time and space.  It’s a fascinating concept and one that was reinforced in a different way recently, when a friend of mine gave me a mediumship reading.  A friend and a relative came through together, something which always seems to occur with these two individuals, although their only apparent link is me.  When I asked why they always come through together, she answered that they were of the same soul group, to which I also belonged.  I found that fascinating and extremely comforting that they would be waiting for me, and that they were fully supporting my role in this lifetime until I was able to join them again.  Maybe we will all reincarnate together again.  Thinking on an even more broad setting, it is possible that everyone we meet creates an energy link with us, a thread that connects us.  Some are weak and fall away, but others create a strong bond like those of our Reiki colleagues.  Over time we are able to build up an energy web that supports us, binding us firmly in our present space and time.  Through this energy we can begin to remember, by using our intuition, that first link and how these individuals initially bonded us, and anchored us in other lives.

Theta Healing and 2013

So what is 2013 all about?  I believe that a shift in the energies around us occurred on 21st December 2012, which will assist us in further understanding our world around us, and where those boundaries can now be crossed.  I am of the opinion that the majority of people only presently view a very small portion of the whole, of what is truely available to them.  The majority view only our own limited realities and do not seem to want to explore any further into other realms or planes that we may have access to.  However, I think that situation will now change for many individuals and the boundaries between our present reality, and what is truely available to us, is going to fade for those who have the perception and belief.  For me 2013 has already been an expanding experience.  I completely my Advanced Level Theta Healing course on the first weekend of 2013, which for me was quite enlightening and really did push the boundaries of my reality.  It was an amazing experience which I hope more and more individuals are going to experience this year.  I am looking forward to being able to offer Theta Healing sessions to more and more clients over the next few months.  Theta Healing looks at the negative subconscious beliefs that we all hold, and which can prevent us from moving forward or developing in certain areas of our lives.  By identifying these negative beliefs, removing them, and replacing them with positive feelings we can subtly shift the energy around us, which others subconsciously pick up on.  In response they in turn respond differently to us, and our problems or issues can start to unravel or even dissolve.  Physical symptoms can quickly lessen or completely disappear with the removal of these negative emotions and a change in attitude can occur allowing us to create a different reality.  I feel very optimistic for 2013 and I hope that we all have peace love and understanding in the coming months.

Crystal Healing Treatments

I am now able to offer crystal healing treatments to my clients, which I am really excited about.  Cartasha Crystals – please visit our facebook page and on twitter@CartashaCrystal – has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about crystals and their uses, and I have used that time to train further in this wonderful healing modality with a lovely lady in Colchester.

The use of crystals in a healing treatment is a much more intense and deeper experience than energy healing along.  Crystal healing can be used effectively for any physical or emotional ailment, and can create a greater sense of understanding and well being.  Often physical symptoms are linked to emotional events, and when this connection is understood healing can begin. Each crystal has its own unique vibration and when placed in our energy field or aura, immediately has an effect on our own vibration and the way in which our chakras spin. If we have issues from past events, or simply tired from managing a busy life, this will affect the way that our chakras move the energy through our bodies, and therefore how we feel physically, mentally and spiritually.  Just holding a crystal, or in fact having a crystal on your desk or next to your bed, will start a healing effect.  During a crystal treatment I will ensure that the recipient is centred and relaxed and check whether their chakras are spinning effectively.  I will use the crystals to refresh and align the chakras as well as working on individual areas of the body as required.  I will look at the seven different layers of the aura, and give each a boast of energy from a different crystal, which I pick intuitively.  Often throughout the treatment I will give Reiki healing and carry out additional healing techniques as well.

If you are interested in receiving a crystal healing treatment please do not hesitate to contact me, and I look forward to being in a position to do many more of these treatments in the near future.

Animal Reiki

Last week I had the pleasure of giving Reiki to some beautiful horses.  I regularly give Reiki to all sorts of domestic pets, such as dogs, cats and rabbits, but horses are less common.  I have found that with smaller animals it is often easier to give the Reiki treatment to their owners as they hold the animal.  This does not seem to dilute the energy that they receive in anyway, and they appear to receive the level of energy that they need.  It also ensures that they feel safe and protected, and therefore remain calm and relaxed. 

I have had less opportunities to treat horses and therefore was not sure what to expect, but had nothing to worry about.  The horses seemed to know that I was there to give them healing, and in fact one of them immediately offered me her hind leg where she had previously suffered an injury.  They appeared to be extremely receptive to the healing energy and within ten to fifteen minutes were heavy eyed and staggering slightly, as if they had been sedated.  All three of them appeared to accept the energy that they required very quickly, standing in the usual relaxed pose where one hind leg is bent.  One of the horses made a yawning motion five or six times during her healing session, as if she was trying to release some stress or anxiety.  Apparently, this also signifies that she was accepting the healing that she was being given.  I also took an apophyllite crystal with me, as I had read that this crystal was extremely beneficial when working with horses.  One of the horses knew immediately that it was in my pocket and behaved as if she was sniffing the crystal.  She could obviously sense the energy being omitted from it, as she could from my hands which she also thoroughly ‘sniffed’.

It was an amazing experience that I learnt so much from.  If fact the owner and I both slept incredibly well that night as if we had received as much energy reflected back from these beautiful creatures.  I have been invited back and will repeat the experience very shortly.  It is now with great pleasure that I can offer this service to others, and hope to do so on a regular basis.

Reiki Drumming

I spent an amazing day last Sunday, with 50 like minded souls, drumming to coincide with the Global 8000 Sacred Drum Ceremony.  It was a wonderful day which was incredibly powerful.  I didn’t realise quite how powerful until the following days, when I have been detoxing both emotionally and physically and it has taken me a week really to feel centred again.  It never fails to amaze me the power of Reiki, which is so gentle and loving, but with incredible strength when required.  Have a look at the photograph on my facebook page, showing a group healing session, and with an amazing orb above my head.  It was an amazing treatment to receive, as although there were 50 others drumming at the same time in the same room, I was still able to drift away, not quite in sleep but somewhere other than the room.  I would highly recommend it.

Can Reiki Affect The Way We Heal?

Over the last few years the use of Reiki in Hospices and Hospitals has increased greatly. Reiki is shown to have a positive effect on the body physically, by relieving pain and accelerating the process of healing. Reiki can also be beneficial in order for the patient to cope with a range of emotions that are associated with illness such as insomnia, fear, anxiety, anger, loneliness and particularly stress.

The use of Reiki in order to combat stress has shown positive effects on the heart, and has been used successfully for the treatment of psychological stress in the rehabilitation of survivors in Sarajevo. Read more →