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What is Reiki?
We do not really know what Reiki is or how it works, but we do know that it exists. Reiki is believed to be a form of energy or spiritual healing which uses the universal energy, known as Chi or Prana, in order to assist individuals to heal their minds and bodies. It is thought that all living beings possess an energy field around and extending from their physical body, which relates not only to their health physically, but also to their spiritual beliefs and emotions. This is commonly known as a person’s aura and is also believed to be interconnected to the energy fields of others.

We are therefore believed to be interconnected to an energy field which extends throughout the Universe. Reiki healers are believed to act as a channel for the flow of the universal energy for the well being and benefit of the person receiving a Reiki treatment.

An important part of Reiki is the intention of the healer, who will direct the energy for the good and well being of their client and the energy will freely flow to the area that it is required.

Natasha is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner
and a Reiki Drum Practitioner

Natasha is based in Braintree, Essex and is passionate about the positive benefits of Reiki energy therapy. Natasha enjoys giving treatments in the surrounding areas of Essex and beyond, as a way of helping others to obtain a calm and balanced outlook on life. Reiki is especially useful as a relaxation tool but also has beneficial affects on the body’s healing process, and is particularly good as a way of balancing the body, emotions and spirit in order to initiate a positive frame of mind, helping clients cope with the stresses and strains of life.

Reiki energy healing treatments are non tactile and entirely safe.

Reiki is now a popular form of energy healing which originated in Japan.  It is a holistic treatment which balances, rejuvenates and harmonises the body. Reiki utilises the universal energy around us, resonating through our bodies in order to achieve balance within all levels of the energy field that surrounds us.

The system was developed by a Buddhist priest called Dr Mikao Usui, who following a 21 day meditative retreat was given a series of Sanskrit symbols, together with explanations of how they should be used to awaken spiritual energy.

Mrs Hawayo Takata discovered this system in the 1930’s following several successful treatments and subsequently trained to become a Reiki Master herself under Dr Chujiro Hayasi, who in turn had been trained by Dr Mikao Usui himself. When Mrs Takata died in 1980 she had trained 22 masters, who also trained their own masters and in this way the practise has spread to the whole of the world.

Reiki healers act as a channel for the flow of universal energy for the well being and benefit of the person receiving a Reiki treatment. The healer places their hands in various positions around the body prompting the body to naturally heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

The use of Reiki with a drum is a relatively new technique which was brought to this country in 2007 by Sarah Gregg. It allows the beating of the drum to introduce Reiki to the body’s energy fields, as well as to shift energy blocks and bring about deep relaxation.

Reiki Drum journeying is also available which uses the drum to create a deep meditative state, in order for information to be gained to guide the client in any area of their life that is required.

While the body perishes the Spirit is immortal. We are here to realize we are Spirit. 
– Papa Ramdas

omMy first Reiki treatment was shortly after the birth of my third child in 2003. I had suffered with very swollen ankles and even after the birth, they continued to hurt. My mother suggested that I go and have a Reiki treatment with a lady called Rosie who taught her Tai Chi and as she was highly recommended, and I trusted my mother’s opinion, I went. I did not know what to expect and do not think that I relaxed very well at all as I was too busy listening to what she was doing, and where she was standing!

I do remember however, that I had the distinct impression that the room was full of people even to the point that I flinched, as one came too close to me! I didn’t understand what it signified, or indeed whether it was my imagination, but when the opportunity to study Reiki 1 arose with Rosie a few months later, I took it.

At times in the beginning I did question whether Reiki is affective and why I was learning to give treatments, but I have never really thought seriously about stopping my use of this therapy. Something has always drawn me back, and I believe that it was due to the fact that I always came away from giving and receiving treatments, feeling as though my batteries had been recharged.

Many experiences have followed, throughout my Reiki 2 and my Masters courses, to the point that I am now convinced as to the positive use of Reiki energy on the body, mind and spirit. I regularly go to monthly shares both with Rosie, my Master Teacher for Usui Reiki, and to Sarah, my Master Teacher for Karuna Reiki and Reiki Drum, not only to practise giving such treatments, but also to meet like minded individuals and feel the amazing Reiki energy.

My love of Reiki and the experiences that I have had during the past 8 years has guided me to take workshops with Andrea Foulkes, Nicky Alan and Catherine Keattch, as well as courses in The Angel Script, Phytotherapy and eventually to enrol on a Masters course in Parapsychology with Coventry University.

I have now successfully finished my Masters and have found the topics really fascinating. I have used the knowledge that I gained throughout the course as a strong foundation for developing my interests in a wide range of subjects such as near death experience, extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. A lot of the course was devoted to the research methods used in Parapsychology and my dissertation involved devising an experiment which could showcase the physical and emotional affects of a Reiki treatment, within the parameters required by the scientific world.  Quite a tall order!! Some research has already been undertaken in this area and I am thrilled to be participating in it, if only on a very small and basic level.

My lastest interest is that of Theta healing, which I have now studied to Advance level and which I have found works very well in conjunction with Reiki and Crystal Healing.  I find that offering a Reiki energy session after an often emotionally charged Theta session, can be very beneficial to the client.  Theta healing looks at the negative subconscious beliefs that our bodies hold, and which can prevent us from moving forward, or developing in certain areas of our lives.  I deliberately say the beliefs that our bodies hold, as often the client is unaware of the negative subconscious beliefs that can be playing over and over in their minds, but which can be greatly affecting their daily lives.  During a Theta session we identify these negative beliefs, remove them and replace them with positive feelings.  It can be a highly charged, but very effective session.

Over the next few years my aim is to continue to learn and to give and receive the benefits of Reiki energy therapy, Theta and Crystal Healings on a regular basis. I will continue to read and widen my knowledge of a vast array of subjects from energy experiments, to angels, to chanting and meditation, and will continue to read fascinating books by inspirational individuals such as Masaru Emoto, Lynne McTaggart and Deepak Chopra.

I hope that the next few years will be as interesting and as beneficial as the ones which have gone before, and hope that you will also be inspired to take your first steps along your Reiki path.


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; 
but spiritual beings having a human experience. – 
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Treatments are available in Braintree, Essex and Golder’s Green London.
Please see directions on the contact page.



A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.
– William Wordsworth

Over the last few months, I have started to see my own personal healing depicted as an image, a cross-section of a lake, showing the bottom of the lake with a dark layer of sediment, and the clear calm water above. Sometimes I tap in and the lake on the surface is stormy and rough, other times it’s calm and serene, depending on my emotions and how my energy is feeling at that time. However the majority of the water below remains still and centred. The water in the lake usually appears clear except for this layer of dark silt sediment at the bottom. Every time I have a healing session, some of the fine silt layer is released and floats to the surface in a thin stream, spreading out on the surface and being dispersed. I can only assume that this is my subconscious helping me to see the value of the healing sessions that I have, how the emotions or sediment is slowly being released and dispersed.

My aim is to work towards a crystal clear lake with no sediment at all. It’s a similar analogy to working towards a crystal clear version of your of own image. Every negative emotion, thought and action causes your energy to cloud over and become darker. As you clear your energy you become crystal clear, allowing your connection with Spirit to be strong and manifestations to occur instantaneously. Because of this I have started referring to the healing sessions that I offer as Still Water Healing Sessions, as they allow you to start to access that still clear part of you. The more we work on ourselves the clearer the water, the clearer our energy, and the more we live in a calm and balanced manner able to move through life without drama or upset.


For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.
– E E Cummings

Treatments Available

  • Usui Reiki Treatment
  • Karuna Reiki Treatment
  • Reiki Drum Treatment
  • Reiki Drum Journey
  • Lighterian Reiki attunments
  • Crystal Healing Session
  • Crystals available to buy
  • Theta Healing Session
  • Combined healing Session

  • Angel Readings
  • Hypnosis
  • Future Life Progression
  • Cingen-Ricati Session


Natasha is a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner. ThetaHealing® was founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995. ThetaHealing™ is a technique that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work”.

Natasha was trained in hypnosis by The Past Life Regression Academy http://www.regressionacademy.com/hypnosis-training.htm

Natasha was trained in Future Life Progression by Anne Jirsch.

Energy Healing Sessions

This is a video that I did in order to help explain to clients what an energy therapy session is about. It also shows my lovely healing space where the treatments take place. I hope you enjoy it and any questions please message me xx

Posted by Dandelion Therapies on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

What to expect:-

All treatments can be carried out at your home, or at Natasha’s home depending on the circumstances. However, it is important that there is as little disturbance as possible in order that you can completely relax. That really means no ringing phones, children or animals, although as I have all three I understand that it can be difficult at times to have a quiet house!

1 You will be required to lie on the treatment couch fully clothed, and will be given a blanket to cover yourself if preferred. It is important that you are comfortable, warm and relaxed. It is usual that you close your eyes and allow yourself to drift off. Some clients actually fall asleep, but others just go to a quite place in their minds.

2 I usually play music in the background, and will have water available for you to drink. It is important that you drink a lot of water following your treatment, as Reiki can cause a detoxification of the body which may produce side effects such as flu-like symptoms, headaches and generally feeling under the weather. This will usually only last a number of hours, if you experience them at all. Some clients have no side-effects, except that they may sleep very deeply that night.

3 Other experiences which you may have during the Reiki treatment is seeing colours or lights in your mind’s eye, feeling the rhythmic energy pulsating through your body, feeling as though you are lifting off the bed, or moving in some way, and feeling either heat or cold energy at various times. Some clients have no experiences and that is also very normal.

4During my treatments I usually do not touch you at all, although I can at times touch your shoulders or feet. I prefer not to touch as I consider that the act of touching diminishes my brain’s ability to feel the energy, and sense hot or cold areas within your aura or energy field that surrounds you.

During a Karuna Reiki treatment chanting and toning may be used, which can be very affective in the shifting of energy blocks.

If you choose a Reiki Drum treatment then I will use the drum to pass Reiki into your energy field. Drumming is known to lower the speed of your brain waves, so that you can enter a deep meditative state. This has a very calming effect on the body which lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

When drumming is combined with the Reiki energy it can be very affective in releasing energy blocks and generally balancing out your energy fields. Drumming has now been found to accelerate physical healing, boost the immune system and produce feelings of well being. It has also been shown to promote the body’s production of endorphins which can help to control pain. I will usually drum over your body, allowing the vibrations to enter your energy field, before finishing the treatment with Reiki alone.

Reiki Drum journeying is using the drum to enter a deep meditative state, and requesting answers to some of life’s everyday problems from your own inner wisdom. When we quieten the mind of everyday concerns, the answers to issues that we have may become very apparent. As you are participating in resolving your own problems this can be very empowering and can positively affect a client’s self esteem.

A treatment of either the Usui or Karuna Reiki, or the Reiki Drum will last up to 40 minutes, depending on what is agreed.

Angel Readings are given in person or by email, using Angel Script cards based on the Hebrew and Sanskrit language, and by tuning into the angelic energy surrounding you.  If you wish to ask the angels a question beforehand then an answer will be written out and provided to you.

Cingen-Ricati sessions are extremely powerful energy healings which can only be given at Natasha’s home.



Natasha is also available to give talks and workshops involving any of the therapies listed. Natasha also teaches Reiki 1, 2 and Masters on a one to one basis. Please contact Natasha for availability and prices.

Prices for all treatments can be confirmed by email

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy Session

What a man has made himself he will be; his state is the result of his past life, and his heaven or hell is in himself. – Catherine Crowe

Past Life Regression Therapy is a powerful healing process allowing you to identify detrimental negative emotions that you may be holding in your physical body, or within your energy field. These negative emotions can adversely affect the way you view or move through life almost as if looking through distorted glass. Once identified within the session, they can be transformed allowing your energy field to become clearer, or indeed through body therapy work body memories can be released from the muscles of the body, allowing you to view and move through life in a different way. Each layer released helps you to live in a more centred and balanced way with less drama and upset.

The process known as Past Life Regression Therapy is extremely empowering and can help you to make connections between present behaviours and emotions rooted in past lives, current life or childhood. It can enable you to clear detrimental negative emotions which if held in the body can eventually lead to increased anxiety and unhappiness and in fact even physical illness. Physical manifestations of emotion are your body’s alarm clock that the negative emotions held by you need to be released. Releasing these emotions can assist in greater health and well being, both physically and mentally.

An initial session will include a pre-session interview which will highlight the issue, emotion or physical ailment which you may want to address. The entire session can last up to 2 hours and subsequent sessions can be booked at this time if required, and can assist in monitoring decreasing symptoms.

Up to 2 hour session – £120

It has been two weeks since my past life regression. We went in through my neck
and shoulders. My neck feels incredible. During the regression I realigned the
bones of my neck which had been buried in a bent way. This energetic correction
has surpassed me. Instantly I knew it was what needed to happen.
I believe there is more past life work to explore with regards to my shoulder, however it is greatly improved.
Fantastic work and Natasha is excellent at drawing a conclusion at the end of each session.

As I said before, Natasha is hugely gifted in the field and will be extremely successful as a full time life regression therapist!!

Manifest Your Life

In 2013 I made a list. A list of things I wanted to attract into my life. The list consisted of 8 items such as a loving relationship, being debt free, having a good job etc. Since that time I have been manifesting in various ways, incorporating affirmations and techniques into my daily routines, together with having constant energy healing sessions. Now 2 years later I have ticked 6 of those items off, and the other 2 are coming to fruition. Not small irrelevant items, but important foundation building items that form major parts of my life. This is not a coincidence, but I believe a direct result of being positive and actively attracting good situations, people and events into my life. Learn some of these simple techniques and change your life for the better. It will take time and patience but it certainly can work, never in the way that you expect though, but in the way that the universe wants to present it. It really isn’t worth trying to work out how it is going to happen, as that is simply not your job, but just to accept the changes that occur. It’s about learning to go with the flow of the Universe. If you’re in the flow, life is easy, if you go against the flow then life becomes a lot tougher.

Then 16 months ago I did the 3 day training course in Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch – an amazing hypnotic technique which allows you to tap into your future self, maybe get some advice from your future self, see a new love, home or job. I was dubious as to how this tool could work but thankful that I had the opportunity to spend those 3 days with like-minded people. I was not entirely convinced as I left but kept an open mind. During that training Ireland came up several times for me, and a low lying white house seemed to be significant. I saw this image, as did others, over the course of the 3 days. I didn’t know anyone in Ireland at that time, and had never been to visit. However, 4 months later I met an Irish man and we became great friends. We emailed over the following months, and started seeing each other 5 months later. When I went to visit him for the first time in his home in Ireland, his house was a low lying white bungalow – very similar to the house that I and others had seen. When you connect to your future self, and to future events, you draw that energy to you at a much quicker rate – for me only 4 months later. The last few months have proved a very strong affirmation for me as to the power of this technique, and how you can view your future and bring it to you.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. – Wayne Dyer

MANIFEST YOUR LIFE- one to one session, incorporating Future Life Progression, Angel Script Cards or a Chakra Clearing Session.
What do you want in life? A loving and honest relationship, a healthy work/life balance, no financial worries, foreign travel, lots of abundance? All of these can be achieved. I know because I’ve done it! Using simple manifesting tools which I’ve perfected over the last couple of years, I have changed my life for the better and achieved all of the above – and things are still changing in a positive effortless manner.

What do you want to achieve? We are in control of our lives and can change anything we want to with positive energy and patience. Look at the situation you are in and want to change. What is it teaching you? Once that lesson is learnt, or even when you realise what that lesson is about, you can begin to move on and to change elements of the bigger picture. Become empowered to have truly what you desire, and what the Universe wants to give you. Worrying about how that will be achieved will only block your progress. It will come to you effortlessly and easily if you allow it, put up no blocks and are ready to receive it.

Using Future Life Progression – an amazing hypnotic tool – you are able to view a snapshot of what your life has to offer at this point in time. You always have 4 options as set out by Dr Helen Wambach, so which path will you take? Of course if no path appeals to you then it is within your power to change them. You can manifest anything you want, and the session will provide you with the basic tools to start that process. I act merely as a facilitator as it is your responsibility to create the life you wish to lead. Energising and empowering – the session will enable you to focus on points you need to change or simply maximising the energy of what you want to achieve.

Manifesting sessions can also be booked replacing the Future Life Progression session with one of the following:
Angel Script Cards – Angel Script cards are taken from the Sanskrit & Hebrew alphabet and enable us to call on the assistance of the angels, to highlight the next steps to take, and the challenges that may need to be addressed. Channelled and taught by Theolyn Cortens the Angel Script Cards are a powerful and thought provoking tool to assist you in manifesting what you want to achieve.

Chakra Clearing Session – A Chakra Clearing Session clearly highlights the chakras that are not spinning and functioning to their maximum. Each chakra is an energy centre associated with particular emotions and can highlight a possible block to what you want to achieve. Clearing the chakra and looking at the associated emotion are powerful signposts to the blocks which are hindering you achieving the result you want, and the way that this can be achieved.

1 ½ session – £90.00

Future Lift Progression, Chakra Clearing Session and Angel Script Cards can all be booked independently if required.
45 mins – £45.00

Soul Session

A Soul Session is a very powerful way of connecting to our own vibration, and by doing so increasing ours in this current life and pushing us to achieve our greatest potential.  By connecting to our Soul’s vibration we not only increase our potential in this lifetime, but in our future lifetimes.

A session usually lasts up to three hours and consists of:-

  1. A Reiki treatment.
  2. A Past Life Regression session in order to tap into lifetimes where our Soul has achieved it’s highest potential.
  3. By using the information gleamed from the hypnosis session, we look at blocks which are preventing you from achieving what you are destined to do in this lifetime, using Theta Healing, Guided Visualisations and other healing methods specifically tailored to your needs.

Prerequisite – A previous hypnosis session with me to ascertain your ability to go into trance.

Cost – £180


Fuchsia Package – 5 energy therapy sessions chosen from the therapies available, for the price of 3. £180
Gold Package – 7 energy therapy sessions chosen from the therapies available, for the price of 5. £300
These packages are for those who want to significantly move along their Souls path by healing and clearing. It provides a period of intensive personal enquiry and growth, and are tailored specifically for your needs and requirements.

Each of these packages can be combined with the Soul Session:
Fuchsia and Soul Session – £330
Gold and Soul Session – £500


Please find testimonials given by a variety of Natasha’s clients.

I have regularly received Reiki from Tash and its helped me greatly to feel more centred and relaxed. She has a very calming aura. – Claire

Natasha’s treatments are always relaxing, professionally given with a warmth of personality that very few practitioners are lucky enough to have. -Thelma

Firstly can I say what a wonderful experience we all had when you very kindly gave us a drumming experience at our Reiki share evening, we all found it a very moving experience, and for me personally a very spiritual experience in which the earth energies were raised up into my body and the full experience was very magical, so a very big thank you for your time and love. – Rosie

Following a Theta session – Thanks for yesterday it was amazing! will take care of myself! Certainly feel different already. Tracey

Walking the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral

Having had a Past Life Regression with Natasha, I was curious to progress deeper into this fascinating subject. Natasha instantly puts you at ease, and doesn’t force you to ‘see’ anything. The session is insightful and relaxing, faces, names and places swim in and out of focus, but I didn’t feel threatened. I had an interesting forward life vision for want of a better word, and conversations with higher beings which sounds quite bizarre but felt completely natural during our session. Afterwards, I felt relaxed, thoughtful and almost lighter. It’s a very interesting area which I have merely scratched the surface of. Natasha is professional calm and encouraging. I will be booking future sessions to explore further. Highly recommended. – Natalie

Why Crystal Healing Works

Natasha is happy to attend selling events in her area with her beautiful array of crystals for sale.  The crystals range in price from the assortment of tumbles at £1.00 each, up to much larger display pieces of a couple of hundred pounds.

Natasha is happy to answer your questions about the healing properties of the crystals, and how they can be used successfully on yourself, in your home, on your animals and plants.

Natasha also gives workshops and is happy to attend events, or individual groups, talking about how to use crystals in healing, and on manifesting with crystals, with simple exercises that everyone can do themselves.  Crystals are always available to buy at the workshops.

Natasha presently also sells her crystals through various healers.  Natasha is happy to source crystals on your behalf.

The Science of Crystals

Just a little about the science behind crystal healing xx

Posted by Dandelion Therapies on Monday, 4 September 2017


If you should wish to receive a treatment or discuss any aspect of the treatments shown please contact me by email, when I will also be able to advise you on availability and cost.

Treatments available in Golder’s Green – nearest tube Golder’s Green on the Northern line between Hampstead and Brent.
To Braintree from London if driving – take the M11 and A120 towards Colchester.
To Braintree from London by train – nearest train stations Witham, Braintree Freeport and Braintree from Liverpool Street Station.

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